I write about beer.

But more than this, I write about the people behind the beers, the stories behind the bottles. I started CharlotteBeer.com in January of 2011, long before most of the Queen City's breweries came to town. I've shared their stories there as well as in my book, "Charlotte Beer: A History of Brewing in the Queen City." In my most recent book, "Beer Lover's the Carolinas," I ventured outside of Charlotte to cover breweries across NC and SC.

Below, you will find some of my work from CharlotteBeer.com and my columns from The Charlotte Observer, as well as some pieces that I have written for other publications. And lest you think I'm a one-trick pony who only writes about beer, I've also written copy for the healthcare industry, a screenplay for a short zombie film, an opera based on Edgar Allan Poe, and the most engaging water and air filter content you will ever read.

Check out my work:

Beer Lover's the Carolinas
Charlotte Beer: A History of Brewing in the Queen City
Charlotte Brewery Tour: Our State Magazine
Sipping on Charlotte Spring Seasonals in The Local Palate
Dogfish Head's Organoleptic Hop Transducing Module
Beer Connoisseur Magazine Craft in Carolina
Gessler's Glass House
Raise a Glass to the New Olde Mecklenburg Brewery
At Revamped Brawley's Beverage, a Tasting Room with 11 Taps
Beer Travel - Road Trips: Drive Time in the Carolinas
North Carolina Lawnmower Beers
Wine and Beer Drinkers Find Common Ground
In Defense of the Shaker Pint

How can I help?

If you've read this far, you should know by now that I love writing about beer. If you are looking for someone to freelance articles or blog posts, I would love to talk. Often dedicated "beer writers" can deliver insight and perspective that someone unfamiliar with the industry might miss, just as they can boil down those details that might be confusing to others into a clear and concise story that others could understand and appreciate. As I mentioned above, I don't only write about beer (even if it seems like it sometimes). If you have a subject that is tangentially related to areas I have written about -- such as spirits, wine, food or the Carolinas -- I would love to hear more.

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