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For a few years (2008-2011), I was a content writer for Filters Fast, one of the Internet’s largest retailers of air and water filters. During those three years I literally wrote thousands of product descriptions. And while writing about microns and MERV ratings hardly seems glamorous, I am very proud of the work I did for Filters Fast.

When writing product descriptions, search engine optimization is of paramount importance; you want to make sure your pages rank well for the relevant terms. If you focus too heavily on writing for search engines, though, you end up with a mess of keywords and serial numbers that no human being will ever want to read. This, too, can have a huge impact on sales conversions.

A well-written product description, then, should both rank well in search and yet also explain in an engaging and captivating way the features and benefits of a product.

As I said, I wrote thousands of product descriptions for Filters Fast, but here are a few I feel strike that balance well:

Product descriptions were not the only pieces of content I created at Filters Fast. I also started the company’s blog, where we related more general news back to air and water in an entertaining way. Popular posts included:

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