“Zombie Kings” (Screenplay)

In 2008, I came across a Craigslist posting about two of my favorite things: zombies and screenwriting. Paul Streiner, a local director, was seeking someone to co-write a short zombie film with him.

This was right in my wheelhouse.

I expressed interest, and soon Paul sent out a list of characters and notes to myself and other writers, asking that we create a treatment in a week’s time. The writer with the best treatment would then be chosen to write the screenplay itself, which would later be redundantly-dubbed “Zombie Kings: The King of the Zombies.”

Paul already had an interesting assortment of characters, settings and a general outline of what he wanted the film to be — he just needed someone to help tie it all together. I’m proud to say Paul chose my treatment and brought me on to co-author the screenplay with him. Over the next couple of months, we volleyed drafts back and forth until we felt we had reached a filmable script.

After production, the film was submitted to the Light Factory’s American Zombie Film Contest, where its tongue-in-cheek humor and green screen action earned it a place in the top ten. It also won “Best Short Film” of Indie Fest USA ’09 at AMC Downtown Disney in Anaheim.